Bi-Annual Keratin Treatment / John Sahag Salon

Yesterday afternoon, I headed over to John Sahag Workshop for my bi-annual Keratin treatment with Doug Macintosh (it’s only supposed to last 3-5 months, but I find that I can hold out until almost the 6-month mark for a return visit as long as I don’t wash my hair every day…which I don’t). I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is no better beauty splurge out there for those of us with problematic locks. It’s on the expensive side (price varies depending on hair length, but runs between $250 and $500; call for an estimate), but it is beyond worth it for the sheer amount of time it saves you getting ready every morning…and for the joy of being totally unfazed by summer humidity (we’re talking zero frizz).

Click HERE for a video in which Doug explains the process in detail.

Click HERE for a run-down of how Keratin-treated hair behaves in different conditions.

Click HERE for a photo of what my Keratin-ed hair looks like in a London drizzle (much, much, much better than it should).

And finally, click HERE and HERE for more on how Keratin works.

After my treatment, I ran over to say hi to my buddy Karmela (she specializes in cuts and extensions – that’s a hairpiece she’s holding above) and to ooh and aah over her new two-tone hair. Doug (who’s also an amazing colorist) colored her hair deep chocolate, and then lightened the tips to a gorgeous caramel. I absolutely love this look; brown hair doesn’t really suit me, but I think I might try a lighter version come fall.

Treatment generously provided free of charge.

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