En Route to Ogunquit

For my birthday, Kendrick decided to surprise me with a weekend in Ogunquit – where I spent time every summer as a little girl, and where we got married (at Clay Hill Farm). It is actually my favorite place in the entire world: at present, I’m sipping coffee and looking out on the Marginal Way (a long path that winds down the seashore towards Perkins Cove) from the terrace of our B&B…and last night, I got some serious lobster roll action.

Part of the deal was a king-size, dog-free bed, so the first stop was at Pets at Play, a daycare, boarding and training place on West 45th Street. Lucy and Virgil normally have crazy separation anxiety whenever I drop them off anywhere (desperate, pleading looks backwards, floor-scrabbling, etc), but after one previous boarding session at Pets at Play, they actually dragged me down the block towards the front door and bounded into the arms of Alex, who was working at the desk. Whew.

We got stuck in insane traffic on the way up, so we ended up only making it as far as New Haven by lunchtime. Kendrick insisted that we head over to Frank Pepe Pizzeria for lunch, and it turned out to be more than worth the detour. See that thing up there? We ate it ALL. Every single bite. Pepe’s is a must-not-miss; it’s basically the Platonic ideal of pizza. Go, please.

  • donna

    How much did you pay for the dog boarding? Didn't you used to take them somewhere else?

    • jordanreid

      don't know, actually – kendrick organized the whole weekend 🙂 – but i'm sure you can find pricing info at i think the grooming place you're thinking of is biscuits & bath; i still take lucy there, but not virgil, because he hasn't gotten a couple of the shots they require to groom him yet.

  • P-King

    “The Platonic ideal of pizza?” Oh, Jordan.

  • P-King

    Also, let me guess: you LOVE to eat?! Right? You are not anorexic, you ate a WHOLE pizza!!! 'I eat burgers and beer and only fried foods y'all!'

    • raiiin

      hm. well yes, she loves to eat. and uh, they split a pizza.

      snarky comment FAIL.

  • raiiin

    i used to take my pup to chelsea paws. they are really great there, too.

    still want to do a doggie playdate! : )

    enjoy the rest of your ogunquit weekend, lady!

    • jordanreid

      chelsea paws for grooming or boarding?

      • raiiin

        ooh, both! i've left him there for boarding and came back to a groomed pup.

    • jordanreid

      For boarding, or grooming??

  • Lisa Marie

    Jordan, I am glad you are leaving up some of the crazy comments. They reveal so much more about the people leaving them than anything else, including the nutbar who really resents that you are happily married.

    • despair

      It's really sad in 2010 that women still make the focus of their existence “a wedding”. Marriage is not the same thing as a wedding.

      • jordanreid

        It's not?!

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