Tony’s Di Napoli

Tony’s Di Napoli

Last night, Kendrick and I were slogging our way home through the rain when we suddenly decided that we couldn’t go one step further without some pasta…and stopped into a totally random spot that we pass every single day of our lives, but have never before thought to try out: Tony’s Di Napoli.

I have no idea who patronizes this oddly sprawling restaurant, but people certainly do: by the time we finished our meal, around 7:30PM, the place was swimming. Tony’s is kind of confusing, to tell the truth – it’s bigger than your average Italian spot, has a lobster tank (?), and is staffed by a score of adorable, blonde, Montana-bred waiters (we asked). Basically, you feel like you could be dining absolutely anywhere in the United States…except for in NYC.

Not that that’s a bad thing: Kendrick and I split the Baked Ziti Napolitano (the pasta platters, about $19, serve 2-3) and a small house salad, and left more than full (and quite happy with the bill). We’re not talking gourmet, but on a cold, rainy night it’ll absolutely do.


  1. Tony's is the perfect place for a big group. I've gone there for a couple of birthday dinners and everyone always leaves full and happy because they haven't spent a ton of money. You also have to go back on a warm night because they have great sangria!

  2. I went to a birthday dinner at Tony's this past winter. I'd never heard of it until then, but we had a good time. I still prefer Carmine's among all those big Italian “family style” places, but definitely agree it's good for a rainy (or cold) night.

  3. ohh i love this! one of my best friends is from out on san jose, ca and his family DiNapoli makes ..well, its honestly so delish its ridiculous! i went out and visited it was amazing. woo sounds like a delish place!

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