RTL: Michael Jackson’s Kids

Bright and early Monday morning, reading up on Michael Jackson’s children for an RTL interview. Apparently two of Randy Jackson’s kids and two of Jermaine’s kids (by the same mother?!) are also living in the house, and seven kids is too much for 79-year-old Katherine Jackson to supervise. Oh, and allegedly one of them brought home a stun gun and pointed it at Michael’s kids. Randy and Jermaine’s children are being moved to a Jackson family estate-owned condo. Sad.

  • Oh, It's Alex

    Sad situation. HOWEVER. I will never not laugh at the fact that one of Jermaine's kids is named “Jermajesty.” Best worst name EVER.

    • jordanreid

      concur 🙂

  • The woman who is the mom to both Randy and Jermaine's kids is named Alejandra, which makes me cringe. Very sad situation though…

    • jordanreid

      isn't that bizarre?! what's the story there? did she date one, and then date the other much later, or was it a sort of…simultaneous situation?

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