New Ramshackle Glam Feature!

A few weeks back, I received an email from reader Douglas (also referenced in this post) in which he suggested that, in keeping with my belief that there are countless different (and equally valid) iterations of happiness, I should encourage readers to send in their own ideas about what constitutes “Ramshackle Glam”. I thought it was such a great suggestion: this site is just “my way”…and I want to know what you do to fill your world with beauty and joy.

So, in the spirit of community and collaboration…please cast your eyes to the right, and you’ll notice a brand-new feature:


First up is reader Erica, who sent in a question a few weeks ago expressing her frustration with her current situation and asking my advice on how she could get more involved in exploring her true passions. I suggested that she try writing guest posts for bloggers she liked…and then I asked her if she would like to compose the very first Ramshackle Glam Community post. Wait until you see the great baking tips (and unbelievably delicious recipe) that she’s come up with.

You’ll also hear from Samara, who you’ve seen here before, and who firmly believes in the lost art of letter writing. In “Five Reasons to Write Letters in the Digital Age,” she gives you some compelling rationale for setting aside your beloved laptop and putting pen to paper.

Finally, check out a post written by my good friend (and fabulous blogger) Casey of CaseyCulture, who stopped by the Paul Labrecque salon to get some incredible tips on how to make your locks look super for spring!

Now for the most important part: I want YOU to be a part of the Ramshackle Glam Community. All you have to do? Submit a post on a topic of your choosing – really, anything goes, but try to keep it, you know…clean(ish) – to, and if your post is approved, you’ll see it pop up in a matter of days! The posts won’t appear in the main feed, so be sure to keep checking back in to the Community to see what’s going on.

Some pointers:

– Keep it under 500 words (about 300 words is ideal).

– No spelling or grammatical errors, please!

– Include a photo (of yourself or of your subject matter; up to you).

– Original content only, por favor.

– I reserve the right to do just a smidgen of light editing (to adjust length or correct for typos; I won’t say anything you don’t want said, promise!).

– Include a link to your own site, if you have one.

I’m SO excited about this; I love the community that we’re building here, and I can’t wait to see what you all have to say 🙂



  • Communist

    Sharing your platform in this way is nice. Would it make sense to write occasional posts (on Fridays?) that briefly introduce the latest batch of topics and authors in your community section, as a sort of teaser?

    • What a great idea! I can certainly introduce this as a regular post on Fridays.

      • LOLCAT

        Seriously? Copying VIE again? Didn't you go to harvard?

      • franny

        jordan… i think communist is teasing/ making fun of your new feature because of vies website that does a similar thing, but only in fridays…

        • jordanreid

          Ah, thanks for the heads-up 🙂
          Nevertheless, I think it's a good idea to put up a blurb on the past week's Community posts once a week…I suppose it could be any day, really, but Friday works well for me 🙂

          • Communist

            Comment was sincere. Good luck w/ new feature!

          • Jordan

            Thank you!!!

          • jordanreid

            Thank you!!!

  • Congrats – you got that up and running quickly! I am so glad you were able to execute your vision & add the community aspect … can't wait to check it out. Cheers!

    • Jordan

      Thank you! Whenever you’d like to submit something, I’d love to see it!! xo

  • Yay!! Very excited about this!

    • Jordan

      You’re up!!!

  • Thank you for having us Jordan!

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