That’s me about three years ago, right before I fled LA for New York. (I love this photo, even though it’s a bit ridiculous.) I was extremely tan. And blonde. And did things like drive red Mustangs (lord, do I ever rue the day I sold that car) while wearing pink bikinis. In other words: I miss the place. It wasn’t particularly good for me emotionally (actually, that’s putting it lightly…I may look really happy in this photo, but I most definitely was not), but it certainly had its benefits.

Good thing I’m going back! Tomorrow morning – well, more like the middle of the night, really, as our plane leaves around 6AM – we’re headed to Cali to attend the wedding of one of my best friends in the world, Parisa (and yes, we’ve both arranged for wonderful, loving care for the puppies and for a housesitter to keep an eye on our remaining possessions).

On our schedule: Friday afternoon BBQ at Parisa’s parents’ place followed by drinks at the Viceroy with the entire wedding party, Saturday beach time (including, fingers crossed, a stop at the Reel Inn) followed by a rehearsal dinner in Santa Monica, and then, on Sunday, the wedding at Shutters on the Beach (ceremony) and the Hotel Casa del Mar (reception). I’m giving a speech, and am about to pass out from nerves. Points for having it done already, though!

I’m beyond excited to hang with Paige, who I don’t see nearly enough (every day would be ideal) and who is generously putting us up, and am psyched to get in a little beach time with Nadine and Morgan (who’s also a bridesmaid). Too. Excited.


P.S. See that building in the background of the photo? Fun fact: that’s where Katharine McPhee attended high school while she was on American Idol – or maybe she had just graduated? Either way, I lived right down the street, and for the entire duration of her stint on AI the street outside the school was a total madhouse of sign-waving fans.

  • Kenna

    Do you ever miss living in LA? Would you ever move back there?

    • jordanreid

      You know, Kendrick and I have seriously tossed around the idea of moving back there to have kids (more space, cheaper, etc…). I think most of the problems I had when I was living there were associated with the fact that I was an actress, so I was hanging around with lots of entertainment industry types…and no one else. I'm not really friends with any of those people anymore, so I wouldn't worry that I'd fall back into old patterns.
      I think right now we're just seeing where work takes us; we'd like to move to LA (or California generally), but are pretty open-minded about the possibilities.

      • Kenna

        OK, so this is a personal question, but when are you guys gonna have a baby? You did say in an interview you wanted lots . . . 🙂

        • jordanreid

          well, “lots” is relative 🙂 i'm an only child, so more than one would feel like “lots” to me. i think right now what we have to focus on is getting more stable in our careers – i think adding a child into the equation at the moment isn't the best idea.

  • Sarah

    You look amazing in this photo (well, all photos)–wish I could get that tan! Anyway, random, btu I was wondering: do you know of any bloggers in the LA area who have fabulous blogs like yours? I realized that I read only NYC-based blogs–would like to add a West Coast blog to my list.

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  • Nice shot.

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