Too Adorable

From reader Adrienne:

“On Saturday my husband and I went to the North Shore Animal League shelter on Long Island to adopt a dog, and we ended up leaving the lucky owners of a 3 year old female Shih Tzu who was rescued a few weeks earlier from a puppy mill.  We went in thinking we’d get a medium sized dog, and she totally stole our hearts.  We are utterly and completely in love!…PS: Her name is Khadijah –  Queen Latifah’s name from Living Single- my husband has quite the sense of humor :)”

If this photo doesn’t convince you that adoption is the way to go, I don’t know what will. Now, neither Lucy nor Virgil is a rescue dog – Lucy was bought in a pet store in Malibu, and was more or less abandoned with my ex-boyfriend and me when her original owner decided that dog ownership wasn’t really her thing and took off for England, and Virgil was a Christmas gift from Kendrick, who decided to surprise me with the little guy I’d fallen in love with when we went to Ohio for Thanksgiving – but please, consider searching for your new love in a shelter. Even if you’re really set on a specific breed or size, just trust me and go: you’ll find who you’re looking for.

Some adoption resources:

North Shore Animal League


Petfinder (Please, please, someone…adopt this baby shih tzu, who was paralyzed when her breeder’s dog attacked her and was rescued by a Good Samaritan just before being tossed in the trash…and learn about caring for a paralyzed puppy here.)

  • akbarnard

    Thanks for sharing our sweet baby Jordan! My husband was at first slightly skeptical of rescuing from a shelter and wanted to research and pick a breed and work with a breeder, but after knowing a few couples who had had a lot of success with shelter dogs he decided to give it a try and he's so happy we went that route. And obviously I am too! She is such a joy to own and we get to feel great knowing we're giving her such a wonderful life from her previous one!

    • premad

      Just an FYI, Khadija is also the name of the prophet Muhammad's first wife, and she's pretty important in Islam. Sort of the benefactor for the whole beginning of the religion. Also, 'latifa' means 'kind' in Arabic, if memory serves. (*cue 'the more you know' music*)

      • akbarnard

        Thanks- we actually found that out after looking in to the name some more
        when we got her home!

  • Leah

    Why didn't you adopt your second dog instead of getting him at a pet store? I've seen animals in shelters that had to be put down because people “fell in love” with dogs in pet stores rather than coming first to the rescue shelters to look for a new furry friend. It's really disappointing to me that you chose the pet store option: your money just allows them to continue to fund (directly or not) puppy mills and provides one less home for an equally deserving animal in a shelter.

  • Caris

    So other should adopt dogs but you don't? Really, Jordan, that's just depressing. You don't really “explain” anything in that post. You say “if your husband walked through the door on Christmas Eve carrying that little guy up there, what would you do? Tell him to take him back?” Um, yeah! Or I'd have educated him earlier. Or I'd just go out with people who know better. Your whole Harvard-privilege, rich lawyer parents, former Hollywood celeb comes through at times. (Meanwhile you go to butchers, tell readers to go to TJ Maxx, and act broke! And now they should adopt pets, when you don't). Plus, you're *such* an avid meat-eater. This is the most carnivorous site I've been on. I'm surprised you care about animals.

    • alexisjulian

      I don't really know what I think about the dog thing, but I'm confused about the attacks on your meat eating habits?

      Jordan, have you ever declared yourself a vegetarian/pescetarian/vegan? I do recall the post on the debatable ethics of eating meat, but I'm not sure why that was an issue if you're an “out” omnivore…

      • jordanreid

        Nope, I'm firmly in the omnivore camp, always have been 🙂

    • I really don't understand the point of commenters like you who come here to leave nasty remarks for seemingly no reason. It's like you hang around just waiting for Jordan to say something you disagree with so that you can pounce and criticize. Why do you choose to waste your time this way? There is nothing wrong with having attended a good college, having parents with good jobs, having pursued ones passions in Hollywood (or wherever), or (seriously??) shopping at TJ Maxx! That is her life; that's what she's sharing on this site. This site isn't called “Caris's haphazard guide to happiness.” If it were, you would have a reason to complain, but as it is, it's Jordan's. The web is wide and there are plenty out there who talk about the things you seem to value. Why not take your negativity and your holier-than-thou attitude elsewhere? There are plenty of us here who enjoy what we read. (And butchers and TJ Maxx and cute puppies regardless of where they come from.)

  • Viktor

    While I'm sure some people appreciate the full disclosure about purchasing your dogs, it doesn't forgive your total hypocrisy. As far as your dogs, I mean, what's done is done, but you must have balls of brass to suggest that someone (but not you, right?) should adopt a special needs dog from a shelter when you yourself couldn't find it in your heart to do the same.

    • jordanreid

      Respectfully, there's nothing you can say that will deter me from continuing to express my support for shelters and writing about animals in need. If you take issue with my decisions, that's fine, but it's not going to change my determination to do what I can for organizations that I believe in.

      • Sara

        He didn't tell you to stop writing about North Shore Animal League or any other animal rescue site. He called you on your hypocrisy. It's not surprising that you would try to deflect that by proclaiming that no one can silence you in your pursuit to help animals in need because in fact, all you've shown yourself to be is a person who can't put her money where her mouth is when it comes to animals in need. So you can keep running your mouth about paralyzed dogs about to be thrown in the trash (what exactly do you think happened to virgil's mother? she went to go live with a nice family on a farm? she got thrown in the trash). I'll just stop listening.

  • AJ

    Jordan, really? Your stance in this is so hypocritical. Saying “Oh well! Virgil exists, doesn't matter what where how or why!!!! Doesn't matter that my husband just gave money to people who will continue to run puppy mills!!” is like saying “Oh well! Meat tastes good and it's already dead!! Plus I'm a poor!!! Doesn't matter where the meat came from, how the animal was treated, what is was treated with, whether it was forced to live in it's own shit, if it killed in ways that are inhumane, what it could do to my health, or how it affects the environment!” Oh wait………..that is your attitude about meat, I forgot. Why don't you tell us about your vintage fur, and how it's ok because your grandmother bought it, not you.

    Just quit fronting, seriously. You don't care about where your pets came from (or at the very least you made a mistake, twice, and are trying to feel better about it) and you don't care about where your meat comes from. Own it.

  • Felicity

    I adopted a six-year-old hound from a rural shelter two years ago and she is the sweetest, most grateful dog ever. She was very likely going to euthanized soon because she'd had two bad bouts with heartworm and no one was interested in adopting her. But when I met her, something clicked. She is lazy and getting fat, but so lovely.

    • jordanreid

      That's so awesome; good for you 🙂 It seems like everyone (including myself, I admit) wants to adopt a puppy…it takes an extraordinary person to adopt an older dog.

  • Adda

    What I am interested in is what people who work at these shelters can do to advise younger people who are interested in adopting dogs. I can name four friends of mine (all aged 24-28) who have tried to adopt dogs from shelters and been turned away because of their age or their single status. I would LOVE to adopt a shelter dog, but my friends' experiences have taught me that wanting to do so unfortunately is nowhere near enough and usually puppy mills are the only place to turn to…

    • jordanreid

      single status?! really? i know that some shelters require you to be over 21 to adopt without parental consent, but that's bizarre. i'm trying to set up an interview with an adoption rep; that's a good question to ask them.