Pio Pio

Last weekend, my parents took Kendrick and me out to dinner at Peruvian restaurant Pio Pio. The restaurant is a relative newcomer to the Hell’s Kitchen dining scene, but instantly secured a spot on my list of favorites. The decor is rustic/modern (wooden branches covering the walls, boxed-off concrete spaces, and a vestibule made entirely from brass), and the overwhelming space (which reminds me a bit of Hiro Ballroom) contrasts interestingly – although, I’d argue, not entirely effectively – with the down-home earthiness of the brown paper tablecloths and McDonald’s-esque ketchup packets.

The food? Yummy, plentiful, and inexpensive – perfect for large groups. And for me.

Share the Chicken Pio (just $14 for a deliciously marinated whole chicken) and a whole bunch of sides, and wash it all down with frothy Pisco Sours. Just avoid the cold potato cake filled with avocado and crab: the one item on the menu that I thought was pricier than it deserved to be.

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