My New Business Cards

How pretty are they? Mint green is my absolute favorite color (not to wear, though…I look deathly in green), and I love love love rounded edges on business cards (my NonSociety cards also had rounded edges).

Want some gorgeous new business cards of your own? Allow me to give the most heartfelt recommendation to Marivi (marivi.manaluz@mac.com), who you may remember from the DIY Baby Shower Invite video and the DIY Thank You Card video. I asked her to make my cards after seeing the stunning custom ones she created for Rebecca Shepherd.

If you’re in the market for new cards, check out this fun site for inspiration.

  • It's lovely! I use Moo.com for my business cards; I like that I can feature my food photos on one side and the info on the other. I do wish they had the rounded corner option though…I LOVE that! 🙂

    • jordanreid

      Neat site! Are they reasonably priced?

      • They're not too bad! It's about $22 for 50 cards, and they discount the more
        you buy. I usually buy about 50-100 at a time. They're great conversation

        And you can use different photos or illustrations for each card if you'd
        like (you can upload everything right from Flickr). The quality is really
        great too…this really thick cardstock with a nice matte or glossy look.
        They also make mini moo cards, that are even cheaper and about the size of a
        stick of gum that are kind of fun.

  • I love your new cards. The pistachio color is perfect for you/your brand. The design is classic and simple. I like your blog, Jordan. Keep writing for us!
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  • emilie

    I used overnightprints.com
    It's $26 for 100 cards.
    I had mine printed with full color on both sides (drawings of mine)
    They had rounded edges, and were thick card stock.

    Great price, terrific product, easy website.

    • jordanreid

      thanks for the link!

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  • Very elegant business card design.

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