Beautiful Sunny Day

Friday was…just perfect. A sampling of why:
First, I had lunch with Anna at Wasabi Lobby, which I frequent both because it is mere steps from our front door, and because “Wasabi Lobby” is really fun to say. Go on, try it.

I ordered my standard for when I don’t really feel like thinking about what to get: a spicy tuna handroll and a salmon-avocado roll…but Anna’s order was much, much better.

I mean, seriously. Is that not some gorgeous-looking sashimi?! And the accompaniments! All that is is the basic sashimi appetizer ($16 for 8 pieces) plus a raw quail egg with tobiko (which is probably a touch too adventurous even for me, but makes me very curious nonetheless).

Apres-lunch, I had to drop the dogs off at my parents’ place, since Kendrick and I are vacationing in North Carolina with his family for Easter weekend, and decided to do Mom and Dad a mitzvah by first tiring out the doggies with a long walk though Central Park.

They were in absolute heaven…if a wee bit thirsty by the end. I hadn’t been planning on walking all that far, and so I didn’t bring any portable water dishes with me, but if you have dogs you should generally try to carry one with you at all times, just for situations like this one. This product is pretty cool, and eliminates the need for finding a water source.

On my meander through the park, I also came across this little tableau:

See? Like I said: just perfect.

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