Love love love our living room.

So remember how I was trying to give away my old couch? Well, none of you bit, alas, so I put it on CraigsList, and last night around 10PM three of the most stoned young men that I’ve ever seen in my life stopped by the apartment to pick it up “for a party.”


No matter, though, because how freaking awesome does our new couch look?!

I love it.

A couch is a huge commitment; it really defines the look of your living room more than anything else (unless you’re me and have crazy black-and-white wallpaper on two of the walls, which is pretty…defining). When we decided that we wanted a new couch I toyed with lots of different looks (I was actually leaning towards a dark-brown retro-look couch like this one from Crate & Barrel)…but I’m thrilled that we ended up with something a touch more daring.

If you’re searching for a new couch but aren’t quite sure what look you want to go with, here’s an idea: even if you’re wary of used furniture, go on CraigsList and peek around at what’s out there, and take notes on the colors, patterns and styles that stand out to you. You’ll be exposed to a much wider range of looks than you would be in a “normal” furniture store, and may end up picking something amazing and unique that you never thought you’d go for.

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