Still Here

My expression in this photo pretty much encapsulates how I’m feeling right now. Aspen is gorgeous, and PK’s house (which I’m not taking for-public-consumption photographs of, just FYI) is a dream…but I want my bed, and my dogs (my poor mother is watching them all by herself), and right now those things are more than 30 hours away (at present, we’re set to arrive in NYC around 10PM tomorrow).

At this moment, Kendrick and I are sitting in a big pile of bags in the Aspen Airport Grill, waiting for a ride first to the grocery store, where we’ll pick up snowy-evening supplies, and then to shelter.

OK, OK…it’s kind of romantic.


Due to a confluence of flight issues / bad weather, my girl Jordan is still at Prom King’s place in Aspen with Mr. Kendrick.

I am ridiculously, obscenely jealous.  Something about the altitude and the lack of cars & buildings & traffic (rural love!) and the clean, fresh air with brilliant sunshine just agreed with me.  I slept well, I exercised outside every day (skiing and long walks in the nature preserve), I even ate healthily – despite Prom King’s attempts to lead me down the road of mac&cheese, hahah.  I could have stayed there for two weeks, easily.

Lord, I could *move* there and be happy.  Why doesn’t everyone live in Colorado?!

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