Shooting in my kitchen with the wonderful people from Meredith (another lamp refurbish, as you can see – video to come).

See how I changed my top from the one I was wearing while getting my makeup done? That’s because the cream cardigan didn’t “pop” on-screen. This yellow-and-grey stripe isn’t the best choice, but I didn’t have too many options, as bright colors look better on camera and I tend to wear mostly black, white, and grey.

What to wear on camera:

– Solids are best. I like turquoise and pink (even though I don’t wear those colors in real life, I find that they brighten my skin and eyes on camera).

– If you’re exposing skin, make sure it’s the same color as your face! It’s tricky to show your arms (as I’m doing here), because they can read lighter than the face and draw attention away from where it should be.

– Watch out for noisy and distracting jewelry – a simple necklace and earrings are best. Again, I’m not following that rule up there – that bracelet is a touch clunky – but I think it’s important to show some personal style, as well.

– Avoid white, red, and black (white and red tend to be too bright for the camera, while black absorbs too much light).

– Avoid shiny fabrics, which reflect light back into the camera.

– Avoid small prints, which can create a “strobe” effect.

– Style your hair away from your face to avoid shadows.

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