DIY Bridal Bouquet


1. Pick up semi-opened pink roses and white wax flowers the day before the wedding.

2. Re-cut the stem and use a straight edge to cut off thorns and leaves. Place flowers in room temperature water with a little bit of plant food, and leave them in a cool, dark room until you’re ready to begin.

3. To start the bouquet, pick the prettiest single rose of the bunch and hold it in your left hand (if you’re a righty). With your right hand, add roses to the center rose by crossing over the back at a 45 degree angle and turning (see video). Add your flowers at an angle to avoid “beheading” the stems.

4. Keep turning and adding blooms until you reach the desired bouquet size.

5. Next add the white wax flowers, again crossing the back at an angle and turning until you’ve added the desired amount of filler.

6. Finally, add a ribbon handle in the color and style of your choosing (consider one that complements the bridesmaids’ dresses). Don’t forget to leave enough ribbon at either end to make a bow.

7. Use any extra blooms to make boutonnieres.

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